Amy Ridgell
Amy RidgellChef

The Savory Whisk is a skilled chef service, owned and operated by Culinary Artist, Amy Ridgell. Specializing in parties large and small, culinary lessons, and meals for the week, The Savory Whisk creates meal plans according to your preferences and dietary restrictions.

We want clients to enjoy food at its best, in the most attainable way possible – whether that be ordering weekly meals, private cooking lessons to enhance their skills and food knowledge, or the perfect dinner party that represents their personal style and entertaining desires.

Food should be fun, enjoyable, fresh, and delicious in any place.

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Life is stressful. Food shouldn’t be.

Your chef sources, preps, and portions ingredients, the cooks, serves, and even cleans up the kitchen afterwards. Your sole responsibility is to eat and enjoy an uninterrupted meal with your guests.

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Our Valuable Team Members

Danielle BurkhartCulinary Assistant
Kristen DobbinsAdministrative Assistant